'Nevadans for the Common Good' Launches Postcard Campaign for Payday Lending Reform & More


Acting on an extended house meeting campaign, in which leaders unearthed stories of payday lending entrapment, lack of affordable housing and concerns around public education, NCG launched a 5,000 postcard campaign to remind Southern Nevada legislators about commitments they had made on the campaign trail last year. 

Leaders are calling for $500 million in new state funding for public schools, $40 million for an affordable housing tax credit program and improved payday lending enforcement across the state.  With two proposals on the table that would cap interest rates on payday loans (which charge, on average, 652% in interest per year) NCG is pushing for better protections for financially vulnerable families. 

Payday Lending Industry Could See Rate Caps, Database Under Legislative ProposalsNevada Independent

NCG Leaders Postcard Mailing Party, Facebook Video